Doberman dark background 600

The Doberman, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann’s perfect creation, originally bred for protection and guard duties this beautiful animal after breeding for better temperament is now a great house pet, with a better temperament and is a great companion pet.

Here in England they are natural with uncropped ears and an undocked tail but in some countries have dock tails and cropped ears such as the USA.

I first fell in love with this breed when I was 12 , my family ran a pub and got a female doberman to guard the premises, although she let a burglar in because she was in our beds. She was a great companion and would travel with me everywhere I went much to my Mum’s relief as I’d travel from North all the way through to South London and beyond. It was because I knew people who lived that far away but they had understanding parents who also let her into their homes.

My greatest love was Soloman who was my constant companion and he died recently, this is a painting I done using a photo of him as a reference.

That’s him with my Mum.


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