Enter at own risk

You are now entering the down trodden area of Hemel Hempstead, I believe they do have plans for this area.

Hemel Hempstead, once boasted a rip off Butlins building, which hosted 10 pin bowling, ice skating, bars clubs, eateries, cinima (which still stands and has a 1980’s screen which is really blurry.. According to Capital and Regional will be refurbished. The new look look much much better.. How long do we have to wait though?

Work as begun on somethings though, the new skate park is a success and has changed many children in the area whom now own a skateboard 🙂 maybe a new Rodney Mullen but I doubt that there will only ever be 1  Rodney mullen..

The new building is far more attractive than the old Butlins ripoff (whatever possessed them back then?)

I thought this would make a great photo especially when I saw that there was a man at the end in a suit lol I thought he went well with it..

Take care for now 🙂


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